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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Creating a script for running Automated Backups

This is the script I use to create an automated back up for the vault. This will backup both the filestore and database to a single folder. This just needs needs to be edited to work with your Vault and the extension changed to .bat. Then copy the file to your server, where you can set up windows scheduler to run the bat file periodically.

-Obackup -Bc:\Vault_Backup -VUuser -VPpassword -Lc:\Vault_Backup\BackupLog.txt -VAL -S

Breakdown of the commands

C:\PROGRA~1\Autodesk\ADMS20~1\ADMSCO~1\Connectivity.ADMSConsole.exe this is the path to the executable that will be performing the backup. Short names were used in order to facilitate the running of the application in DOS mode.

-Obackup This is telling the executable to perform the backup.

-BC:\Vault_Backup This is the folder I used to store the backup in, you may want to use a different folder. I used an underscore to represent spaces because this is running using DOS and does not support spaces.

-VUuser This is an administrator account that will be used to run the backup. This either needs to use the existing Administrator account, or it will be an account that needs to be created. Substitute an account name instead of user.

-VPpassword The password for the administrator account performing the backup. If there is not a password then this would be blank. password is the password I used for the user account

-Lc:\Vault_Backup\BackupLog.txt the path for the log to be created during the backup process.

-VAL Validates the backup. This records and errors to the log file.

-S tells DOS to run this in silent mode without someone having to interact with the server.


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