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Monday, February 23, 2009

Changing the Shaded_ display In Inventor using Regsitry

Changing the Shaded
display In Inventor Using the Registry

In Inventor, the
shaded display can appear blurry. This is due to a setting Inside
Inventor controlling the display of shaded edges in drawing files.
This setting can be controlled by either the document settings, or by
editing a registry entry. In a previous blog entry I covered how to
modify the Inventor Drawing files document settings to control the
quality of shaded views.

When the shaded views
in Autodesk Inventor look fuzzy or blurry similar to the picture
below, this is due to Inventor using a bitmap for the display of the

The other option is
to set the “use bitmap” to offline; this causes Inventor
to calculate the shaded view display, rather than using a bitmap to
display the view. The result is shown below.

Before I cover the
steps necessary to modify the settings, a warning. Modifying
the Windows Registry is at your own risk. Incorrectly modifying the
registry could make your system unusable. Do so after backing up the
registry, for more information regarding backing up the registry,
article 322756
or Autodesk
article TS66513

Windows XP: With
Inventor closed and not running, go to the windows start menu,
then select run, when the dialog box shows, type regedit

Windows Vista:
With Inventor closed and not running, go to the windows
start menu, and type regedit in the “start search “ box.

For either
operating system:
In regedit using the folder on the left browse
. For the Bolded XXX look for numbers corresponding to your
Inventor version, IE. 13.0 for Inventor 2009, 12.0 for 2008, 11.0 for
Inventor 11.

When you’ve
selected the “DrawingFormat” folder, on the left will be
a list of registry keys. Look for
UseBitmapForShadedViewOnlyWhenOffline, then right mouse button on the
key and select Modify. In the Dialog box, change the Value Data from
0 to 1, then select the ok button.

Now that you’ve
modified the registry key close the registry editor and restart