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Monday, June 23, 2008

Moving Land Desktop Point Data to Civil 3D

Like Land Desktop, Civil 3D allows you to work with intelligent Point Objects that can carry multiple pieces of information in addition to their coordinates. Land Desktop stores these Point Objects in a Project database, allowing you to access these Points from multiple drawings in the Project.
Civil 3D stores Points, and all other intelligent objects, in drawings instead of in a Project database. For this reason, it is necessary to perform some amount of conversion of Land Desktop points to place them intelligently in a Civil 3D drawing

Step 1 - Open Import Points Dialog
Open the drawing you'd like to import the Points into. From the Points menu, choose "Create Points". The Create Points toolbar will appear. (Note: In Civil 3D 2008, you can also choose "Import/Export Points", then "Import Points" in the Points menu to skip the next step).

Step 2 - Select Options
In the Import Points dialog, choose "External Project Point Database" from the "Format" drop-down. If you'd like to add these Points to a Point Group, put a check in the "Add Points to Point Group" box and choose the appropriate Point Group from the drop-down. You can also use the button to create a new Point Group on-the-fly. Look over the advanced options at the bottom of the dialog and select any necessary options.

Step 3 - Choose LDT Database
Now that you have all the options chosen, you must choose the Point database to import. Choose the button to browse for the correct database. In the dialg that appears, navigate to the desired project, and then to the folder in the project that holds the Point Database (usually the "cogo" folder). From this folder, choose the database (usually called "Points.mdb") and hit "Open".

Back in the Import Points dialog, hit "OK" to import the Points into the drawing. The Points will be imported into the Civil 3D drawing as Civil 3D Points which will appear in the drawing window and under the drawing in the Prospector tab of the toolspace.

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