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Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Little Addition for FFW’s in ISOGEN

By now a lot of you folks have figured out the little trick of placing a modified weld gap so that will represent the field fit-up weld (FFW) on the face of your ISOGEN isometric. However some checkers bring up the point that the cut length is “wrong” since the call out is F.F.W. ± 6”. Well to make everyone happy, and so that the model will have the correct actual lengths of pipe and the isometric will have the plus or minus lengths of pipe, we need to go to the Option Switches for the Isometric style.
I know what you’re thinking, all those switches, which tab would we start on? Well so you don’t have to slog through them all, it is switch 22 “Cut Piece Add-on Allowances”. If you use the find switch tool it will bring you right to the second page of the Material List tab. At this point I would highly recommend that you have a unit converter handy, because yes, our British cousins that developed ISOGEN prefer the options to be in metric units. Now if you are just adding 6 inches at your FFW’s, then you can enter a value of 153 (mm) into the values for both “On” and “Off” Shore, FFW/Loose Flange (just incase) so you will get a result of an additional 6” on your total and individual cut lengths without having to modify the pipe in the model. And as an added twist, the overall dimension in the isometric will reflect the same as the model.
Below are some images, just because we're pipers and we like seeing pipe.

Here is a small model, notice the length of the pipe in the model (2’-0”).

But once we’ve made that change to O.S. 22, we can see that the dimension matches the model, but the 6” has been added to the cut and total lengths.

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