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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another word about ISOGEN dimensions

Over the years folks have picked on poor little ISOGEN for dimensioning everything. It dimensions every fitting, especially small bore fittings. It shows the dimensions for small bore valves (end to end), every bit of fitting make-up (FMU). Makes for a lot of checker traps, and generally busies up a drawing like the one below.

Don’t you just love all those gaps around the valve and small bore fitting make-up!

Well, the bad news is that ISOGEN will always dimension the open leg of fittings. The good news is there are switch options that allow us to show a true overall for the run, include the gaskets in the valve dimension, dimension to the center of small bore valves, put the support dimensions with the rest of the dimensions and show the total FMU dimensions rather than the breakdown dimensions.

So here are the switches and positions that need to be adjusted to have ISOGEN produce drawings like the one below.

Notice the “normal” appearance of the small bore FMU on the branch. It also included the gaskets with the valve. This looks a lot cleaner.

So off to the Options File for the Isometric Style you want to change. The first switch to edit is 9 “Dimension Form”. If you use the Find Option Switch tool, it will bring you to the first page of the Dimensioning tab.
First you are going to choose the Composite, Support & Message Dimensions from the first dropdown list (the default is Basic String, Supports & Message Dimensions). Next select Gaskets Included In Composite Dimensions from the second dropdown list (the default is Basic Gaskets Not Included In Component Dimensions). The rest of the dropdown lists and selections are just fine in the default position.
The next switch is 40 “Pipe Supports”. Everything else is fine in the default position, except that we need to change is the Support Dimension position to be On the same side of the pipe as normal Dimensions.
Now its time to have the small bore valves dimension to the centers rather than showing us the body dimension. That’s switch 80 “DIMENSIONS – TO VALVE CENTERS” on the second page of the Dimensioning tab. I usually recommend that you select Butt Weld, Screwed, Socket Weld and Hygienic (as these are most commonly dimensioned to the center).
Last but not least, switch 118 “DIMENSIONS – OVERALL” on the third page of the Dimensioning tab. We just need to select Overall Dimensions – across Branches from the dropdown list (the default is No Overall Dimensions).

Hopefully with these setting you can now produce more cleaner and clearer isometrics, at least as far as the dimensioning is concerned.

As a tip, you may want to open the OptEd_Help.pdf file and turn to page 200 of 345 in your PDF reader (its marked as page 181). From there to page 338 of 345 (marked as page 319) are all the graphic switches. ALIAS included these for quick reference. As a good number of the changes that folks want to make to their isometrics is the appearance, some people will print these pages out for quick reference. The other area of concern is of course the appearance of the B.O.M., but that's all about the Materials List Definition file style that you are using.


Anonymous said...

can u get it to show gasket marks on the dimensions? it does that in autoplant, can it do it in cadworx?

Robert Riley said...

Almost, what you need to look for is Option Switch 9. Under that the second dropdown is defaulted to "Gasket Not Included In Component Dimensions". However, if you select "Gaskets Included In Component Dimensions" it will add the gasket dimension with the component, but no tick mark.
Gasket "ticks" are best accomplished with a block (unless you like drawing the little lines every time).
There is no switch in ISOGEN for CADWorx that allows us to add the tick marks. Rebis was issued with "Personal ISOGEN" which customized the interface and actions.

Anonymous said...

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Jade Graham said...

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