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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Turn Points On and Off with Ease in Civil 3D

Talking to a number of "End Users" in the civil industry, I noticed that a lot of companies aren't using AutoCAD Civil 3D to it's full capabilities. One process in particular is turning points on and off, now of course there are several ways to do any one thing, but with this being said I thought I would show a easier and "correct" way do do this.

With Point Display you can change the display order of point groups to control how a point displays on screen. The lowest point group (bottom) draws first and the top draws last. If a point only belongs to one point group it displays those properties no matter what, but if a point is in two or more groups, it displays as a member of the last group that is at the highest position on the list.

1. Create New Point Group. Name this Group No Display. – Be Sure to Change the Properties to reflect as such.

2. Then right-click on Point Groups and select Properties.

3. Highlight No Display and move it accordingly as shown below.

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