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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

EdgeCAM CAD Links

There are a few clients who want to know how to bring data such as thread information from 3d CAD into EdgeCAM. Yes EdgeCAM does have the solution for that kind of task. For EdgeCAM to bring in these information, first we need to install EdgeCAM Cad Links found in the EdgeCAM installation CD. Once it is install there will be an Edgecam icon right inside your 3d CAD software.

Now here’s the interesting part. So let say you have a part with couple taped holes around the OD of the part with information such as in this picture. And when you finish go ahead and click on the EdgeCAM icon inside your CAD software, it’ll load up Edgecam automatically.

Once EdgeCAM is loaded you’ll have to do a “Feature Finder” command to find those taped holes. In this case the holes are radial so the option set like this.

When the Feature Finder is completed, you’ll find new properties which we calls feature. And if you do everything right then look at the “Properties Window” while highlight the new feature you should see all the tap thread information is correctly migrated from the CAD software.

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