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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Sizes

So, you have gotten into CADWorx Plant, or even CADWorx P&ID, everything is going great, until you get to a REALLY big OD of pipe. As a default, CADWorx has sizes from 1/8th of an inch, to 64" on the Imperial measurements. This SHOULD cover about everything, but as a good friend of mine in California pointed out today, sometimes that's just not enough. He had to do a 90" Elbow. Now, some of the really cool things that we did with the elbow, will be the subject for another day, but for today, let's talk about how we get 90" into our software.

There are 2 things that you need to do, the first, and easiest is really almost the most intimidating. Just like in the BOM change we did, we are going to have to "tweak" the software.

In the install directory of CADWorx Plant (or P&ID for that matter) is a folder called system. In there, we are going to open up the file called setsize.tbl . This file is where CADWorx pulls the size numbers for the size dialog box that we see in the software.

Let's break for a second, and really look this thing over. This is complete, I mean, complete on the size range. 1/8th inch to 64" inch is a pretty good spread, but when was the last time you used some of the sizes? Don't need them? No problem, delete them. Some companies may want to reduce the AVAILABLE size here, as well as limit through the spec.
Now, back to where we were, let's scroll to the bottom of the list and add in our 90" numbers. Yea, that's it. Save the file, and when you re-open CADWorx, those numbers that you added (or deleted) are there (or gone).

Once that's done, it's now just a matter of updating your data files to have the dimensional data needed to place a component to your new size.

There, that wasn't TOO painful was it?

There are 3 of these files, setsize.tbl for imperial, setsizeM.tbl for metric, and setsizeA.tbl for mixed metric.

Hope this helps, and if it sounds any at all confusing, please, let me know.


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